End of State of Emergency in Italy 31.3.2022. What happen?

End of State of Emergency in Italy 31.3.2022. What happens?

The Italian Government has declared that the end of the state of emergency due to covid19 will finish on the 31st of March 2022.

What happens next? Will all restrictions finish? will be possible to travel freely or independently?

Hoping THIS would be the year that ends Covid-19. None of us would have expected that we would still be facing the challenges of Covid-19 and its variants. From masks, social distancing, vaccines and boosters we are all so over it! But we’ve begun to understand this is our new normal…at least for now. That said, we’ve had to learn how to navigate this new normal and begin living our lives again: That includes the travel industry. People want to….NEED to travel and the travel industry has also learned to navigate this new normal amazingly well.
March 31 is approaching and Italy already smells the scent of freedom. Which, in the aftermath of the probable farewell to the Covid state of emergency, will not be total but will pass through a series of progressive easing of restrictions.

As we all know also other European countries are setting this expiration and Italy is doing the same. So, how will it affect tourism in Italy? Well, for now, there is no certain news about that because the Italian government is still working on them but we all think that “the due” to wear masks in public or private places will end. Maybe at this point you are thinking “what about the green pas or vaccine certificate, do we need it?” the answer is (still) Yes! You will need a European green pass or a valid certificate of vaccination with you while traveling to/in Italy to do whatever you like. However, some companies like airlines or cruise lines can ask also for a negative covid19 test.

One last news that we have comes from the worldwide famous Italian MSC cruise lines that updated their FAQs on the website about Ashore Esxcursions: “Cruises in the Mediterranean – For cruises in the Mediterranean it will be possible to go ashore only by participating in one of MSC Shore Excursions to ensure the same high standards of health and safety ashore as on board. Starting in March 2022, Guests who are fully vaccinated might be able to go ashore independently and will need to follow the requirements of going ashore according to the countries they will visit, which are constantly monitored and subject to updates. here the link

msc ashore excursion in italy

if you are asking yourself “is it allowed to move freely outside the cruise services?”, as you can see from the official MSC Cruise Line, Yes you can do it and we think that also other companies will follow the same instructions.

Back in 2021 summer, all our clients were disappointed because they were not allowed to book private tours independently, but this year will be not like that anymore: if you are fully vaccinated, you can book a private day trip with us!

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end of emergency in italy 31.3.22

“Italy to easy Covid travel rules for Non-UE Arrivals on 1st March 2022”

Italy will no longer require travelers to show both proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid and a negative test result, the health minister said on Tuesday.

This is amazing news so we can start to travel easier in the next future!

Also according to the news , Italy opens to non-EU tourists, basic pass will be enough, So stop the ‘quarantine’: from 1 March to enter Italy the same conditions as the ‘basic’ Green pass, i.e. certificate of vaccination, recovery, or negative test will be enough. But it is from 1 April onwards, with the state of emergency behind us, that really new scenarios should open up, in particular with respect to the Green pass. That it will be abolished tout court seems unlikely: more likely that its use will be limited gradually, with fewer and fewer applications of the ‘strengthened’ version. It should be possible, however, to go back to eating outdoors in bars and restaurants without having to show it; on the other hand, it could remain indoors, perhaps in a ‘basic’ version. from 1 April, again with a view to encouraging tourism for Easter, there could be a slackening on long-distance transport – at the moment a reinforced pass is needed – as well as on the ‘rules of engagement’ in hotels.

More info here is the official Italian health minister website .

 Here you find new covid rules of How to Travel in Italy from 1 April 2022