belongs to “Taurino Transfer Tour di Taurino Giuseppe”, Italian Company Number 09159871210,  business address based in Naples, Comunale Ottaviano street 82, ZipCode 80146 (Italy)

Licensed and authorized “Car Rental with Driver” (NCCNoleggio Con Conducente) by the Dipartment of Transportation of Town of Naples with professional transportation license number 3037.

Licensed and authorized “Touristic Escort” (Accompagnatore Turistico) by the Dipartment of Tourism of Florence with touristic professional license number 318970/2017

Our Operation area and Parking Spot

Naples is the HUB of Amalfi coast

Our headquarters and parking spot is right in the center of the town of Naples. It is close to Naples central train station and Capodichino Naples Airport and also to the most important routes of the area. The town of Naples is considereted the HUB of this area, because in here you find the closest airport and main train station of Naples so the best way to reach Amalfi Coast (Positano, Ravello, Praiano, Vietri) is from Naples and for us is really easy and quick to reach every destination that you required. Wherever you want to go you pass by or through Naples!

To reach the Amalfi coast area you can fly to Capodichino Naples Airport or take a “Frecciaroosa” train (really fast italian train) to Naples Main Train Station in Garibladi Square or reach the Port of Naples and then we will lead you every where you want in Amalfi coast or Sorrento coast or visiting arecheological area of Pompeii and Herculaneum and so on.

Naples is the heart of all this area as you can see from the map.