How to go to Vesuvius: 3 ways to reach the Naples volcano

How to go to Vesuvius: 3 ways to reach the Naples volcano

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Mt. Vesuvius, according to us Neapolitans, he is our protector of their city. It might sound ironic, especially when we know how potential this sleeping volcano is from the proof of Pompei or Herculaneum. But people still want to climb Mount Vesuvius, maybe for the adrenalin or maybe for its breathtaking natural beauty and view of the Gulf of Naples.

Vesuvius is known to be the most controlled ad studied Volcano ever in the world ever in history because here we built the first volcanic lab to study a volcano in the 18th century and today is still working on it with the newest technologies and advanced tools. We can say that we check up on the volcano every minute and every second and we know every “breath” of Him. Yes, you read it well, I said “Him” because in our culture we think about the volcano as an elder to respect so he will stay quiet for hundreds of years 🙂 . Just superstition!

There are many ways how to reach Vesuvius, but I‘m going to write about the most popular and the most comfortable ones. Just before that list, I‘d like to give some useful tips for the ones who are planning this trip:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. You‘ll be climbing so, flip-flops, sandals or ballerinas are not the best choices. First, your feet might get really tired and the second, you might slip and even hurt yourself.
  • Even though it’s almost never raining in Naples check the weather. If it will be raining heavily it‘s not permitted to climb the crater, to ensure the security of tourists.
  • There is an entry fee to Vesuvius national park – 10 euros, that is not included in any private transports company costs. The ticket is free for the children who are not taller than 1.2m. And, also, that ticket includes a guide in Italian or English.
  • You‘ll take about 1:30 hour to visit the crater.
  • Since you‘re on top of the Mount Vesuvius don‘t miss a chance to try Lacrime Cristi wine made by the Family Sorrentino Vini with their grapes that are growing on this volcano. You can try it after you‘ll be done visiting the crater, with their wine tasting lunch
  • If you are an advanced climber there are many routes to Vesuvius that you can climb. But in that case, I would offer to take an expert guide that would lead you to Mount Vesuvius the right way. You can find official routes that you can climb on the internet, as well as the climbing instructors.

wine tasting lunch vesuviusGo to Vesuvius with a private bus

Some private bus companies occupy in tourist transfers from Naples to Vesuvius and back. The cost is more or less 15 euros per person. (Still, you‘ll have to buy the entry ticket separately.) Good thing is that these companies bring you just near the entry and later they‘ll pick you up from the same spot and bring you straight back to Naples: Like Tramvia del Vesuvio that bring people from the city center of Naples, Station, and port to the Vesuvius (also they have departure from Sorrento and Amalfi coast)

Go to Vesuvius by public train and public bus

From Naples or from Sorrento to Vesuvius, also, rides public trains like Circumvesviana EAV train and their company bus, which costs less than other private transfer companies, but unfortunately, it rides very rarely and in January and February it doesn‘t go at all and not so comfortable. Usually, people arrive at Pompeii Ruins train station and then take the public bus to Vesuvius.

Go to Vesuvius by car or private service

You can come in your own, rented car, which I do not advise because in Naples there‘s a lot of traffic and to drive up to Mount Vesuvius is quite complicated. Also, you have to leave the car at the paid parking spot and from there you have to walk quite a lot.  I don‘t think it‘s the most convenient way, because there are just too many things to think about that can waste a lot of your time.

But if you really want to enjoy a visit to Pompeii in the relaxation and intimacy of a private vehicle you can do it by booking a tour., for example, organizes a private tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum that can guarantee the comfort of a car trip but without the worry of parking, driving stress, or anything else. Also, you can include a Wine Tasting Lunch in the tour to drink our “vulcanic wines” with family food in a farm-to-table restaurant, or if you want a quick lunch like an authentic Neapolitan pizza or traditional food with some view, go check the Vesum Pizzeria Restaurant

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